PIONEER A / T III 275 / 55R20 117HXL
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PIONEER A / T III 275 / 55R20 117HXL

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  • Computer Designed Open Tread Design utilizing independent open blocks that allow the tire to perform well in mud, sand, snow and still perform well on normal road pavement. On the highway the tire is stable and quiet for driving comfort.
  • An Advanced Sidewall Design allows the tire tread to perform as designed. This sidewall contributes to the ride comfort as well as its off road abilities.
  • A Unique, Highly Effective Tread Pattern that looks all business and provides excellent on or off road traction.
  • Strong, Angled Shoulder Blocks for outstanding traction in adverse driving conditions.
  • Special tread block edges provide for additional bite for snow driving abilities – a competent snow condition tire.
  • All Weather Tread Compound, combined with its durable cut resistant tendencies allows for this tire to be a true all season, all position and all condition tire.
  • Shoulder Grooves incorporating small links greatly enhance the strength of the shoulder which contributes to the superior sidewall strength.
  • Low Noise Tread Designed with a “1 to 2 Pitch.” This pattern blocks noise resonance of tire to surface contact sound greatly reducing tire noise.
  • Advanced Internal Tire Construction is utilized such as Seamless Bead Wire wrapped with Aramid to provide a very strong, safe and comfortable tire at highway speeds.
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